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We are a mature, friendly and fun-loving PC orientated clan, based mainly in the UK, but are happy to accept mature members of any nationality. Our ethos is to enjoy and make the most of the Call of Duty series of PC games.

We want people to enjoy their gaming experience, and have fun in a welcoming and friendly gaming environment. We will not tolerate racial discrimination, racially orientated or radical behaviour in any shape, manner or form, as well as disrespect and/or extremely rude language toward clan members.

Communication is hosted on Team-speak 3. If you are looking to have a bit of fun and friendly banter, connect to Team-speak and get involved while you are playing.

Most members are based in the UK, we are active around 18:00 GMT.

All we ask is for you to follow the rules and have fun.

Watch us live below on Twitch or join in the stream using the link in the menu above.

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6 days ago [UBZ] Matapan is attending the event MW Co-op Event
6 days ago [UBZ] MajorLewis is attending the event MW Co-op Event
7th Feb [UBZ] Matapan
Call of Duty League live this weekend from London

London Royal Ravens Live Saturday 4pm

Full shedule of games can be seen here
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2nd Feb [UBZ] Er@zer is attending the event MW2 Event

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