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28th Mar [UBZ] MajorLewis
Lets all meet up online tonight and have a few beers in the virtual pub
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24th Mar [UBZ] Rofl_Harris
So I stumbled on your message while clearing out an old inbox - seems like we're reactivating the old squad, eh? It's been a long time, gents
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24th Mar [UBZ] Rofl_Harris just joined our community, welcome!
20th Mar [UBZ] Matapan
This Corona virus shit is getting really scary now, FFS pubs are now closed so now everyone panic buying alchohol, i don't even have the heart to play online at the moment and cant even see my Grandkids other than skype.
We will come through this, take care everyone
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11th Mar [UBZ] Er@zer
Im sorry that i haven't been online lately. I need to sort out a place where to put my computer. Need to buy a new desk etc. Will have u updated
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